A native of Ireland, long-term transplant to the U.S. and San Francisco-based Artist and Photographer.  While working in a diverse range of mediums, Robert is primarily an oil painter, with a background in photography, and cinematography...a visual artist.

The painting process is transformational and essentially a visual exploration and experimentation.  I am searching for a kind of sublime state in the painting. I have very few preconceived ideas and I look to the paint itself to inform me, responding to the painting as it progresses. A dedicated commitment to working in the studio is essential, as the process requires a sense of complete freedom without rules or ideas as to how it will be conceived. The wheels can come off if necessary, and I can take radical chances without fear of failure or judgment. It's less about the process and more about the emotional response that reveals the greatest results.  The abstract vision allows for a tremendous opportunity to invent my own visual language, that ultimately has a vast scope and it can only be discovered with time to reflect on the work and then to react freely and spontaneously. Human memory often functions in a very abstract way, compressed time, pure sensation, Its about sensation over any visual setting or physical thing -- ultimately I see these abstractions as an attempt to distill my own human sensation.